Swimnerd Digital Pace Clock with WiFi & Bluetooth

Sync as many clocks as you want! Program intervals from your phone! Highly visible. Indoors or Out. #1 in Customer Service.
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Power Button: red button in the top left corner; click it to turn the clock on and off; it will always default to count-up mode. There is also a power button on the right side to actually turn the clock on itself. Hold the power button down until it turns on. Hold the power button down on for 2 seconds and then release, to shut it off.

Brightness: red button in the top right corner; click it to toggle between 3 brightness settings

Switch Modes: green button that says TIM; click it to switch between modes; you must first pause the clock (click blue OK button to pause)

Enter/Configure/Set: black button that says SET; click it to configure any mode
Pause: the blue button that says OK; while in default count-up mode, click it to pause; this is great for resyncing clocks that are slightly off

1: Count-up endlessly to 59:59 and turn over (default count-up mode)
2: Real Time Clock (MM:SS)
3: Real Time Clock (24 hour)
4: Real Time Clock (12 hour)
5: Simple Set (Reps x Interval)
6: Varying Interval Set (use the app it’s much better)
7: Stopwatch

Mode 1: Default Count Up
When powered on, the Swimnerd Pace Clock begins counting endlessly. Pressing OK will pause the clock and allow you to switch modes. If you click through all the modes, you will revert to 00:00 (default count up but you must click OK to start counting) – this is a nice feature if you are syncing clocks.

Mode 2: Real Time Clock (MM:SS)
Press SET to configure your MM:SS real time clock. Choose your time by clicking the correct numbers. When you are ready, click SET again. This is great because your patrons will know what time it is, as well as utilize it as a pace clock.

Mode 3: Real Time Clock (24 Hour)
Press SET to configure your 24-hour real time clock. Choose your time by clicking the correct numbers. When you are ready, click SET again. This will configure your 12-hour clock mode, as well, so no need to set your 12-hour clock.

Mode 4: Real Time Clock (12 Hour)
Press SET to configure your 12-hour real time clock. Choose your time by clicking the correct numbers. When you are ready, click SET again. This will configure your 24-hour clock, as well.

Mode 5: Simple Set
Press SET. The first two digits will light up. The clock is asking you to enter the # of Reps that you want to enter. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate # of Reps, click SET again. The clock is now asking you to enter the interval. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate interval, click SET again. The clock is now programmed. If you want to count-up, press the Up Arrow button. If you want to count down, press the Down Arrow button. Click OK to start the set. To pause the
set in the middle of it, click OK. When your set is finished, your clock will revert to default count-up mode.

Mode 6: Varying Intervals
If you are going to enter any sort of varying reps/intervals into the clock, just use the app. It’s a million times faster, more powerful, and easier to follow along. You can load multiple rounds or input a ladder set.

Mode 7: Stopwatch
Click OK to start and stop. To reset, toggle through the modes.
Bluetooth Download the Swimnerd mobile app on iOS or Google. Once signed up, go to TOOLS – CONNECT TO CLOCK – SCAN. HC-08 will show up. Click on it to connect. Now, you can change the name by clicking the icon. Click CLOCK on the bottom of the app. This clock control center is basically a super remote.
Program anything you want into it with just a few clicks. Including multiple rounds or any sort of descending or ascending ladder set.

Syncing Clocks
The Swimnerd Wifi + Bluetooth clocks give you all the functionality of our Bluetooth only clock but with the added ability to have all the clocks "talk" to each other by creating their own 2.4ghz wireless signal. This has nothing to do with your internet connection -- you don't need to connect them to your internet -- they will simply connect to each other. 

The way they do this is pretty simple...you just click the button on the right side of the clock that you want to become the Dictator clock. You will notice below the colon, you will see an indicator light come on, showing you that this clock is the Dictator. Any clock that is on the same Wifi Channel (you can set that using the remote control), will automatically connect to the Dictator. Their indicator light will turn on in the bottom right hand corner of the clock. 

As a default, they all come on Channel 10. You can set your clocks to different channels by clicking on CLK on the remote control. You will see the channel blinking that it is set on currently. To change the channel, just punch in 2 numbers and click CLK. The clock will change the channel and begin counting up again (default mode). This allows you to group clocks.

"We could not be happier with the EIGHT WiFi SwimNerd pace clocks at our new 50m facility! While each one can work independently doing so many things (count up, count down, stopwatch, program sets, time of day, and a pace clock), the magic of the connected wifi pace clock is that one pace clock can control all 8 of our pace clocks. All of the clocks are perfectly synced and can be controlled by the one "master" pace clock. The clocks "talk" to each other by using the same channel frequency (similar to the other brand with red lights) - it does not connect to your WiFi at your pool. The remote and app are easy to learn but if you have any questions, SwimNerd's personalized and quick customer service will walk you through any questions no matter how simple. The clock's enclosure is slim, sharp, simple to hang, and the green LED lights are unique and easy to read. Finally, the price of these clocks are unbeatable. Not only did we save thousands, but we were also happy to support a company that constantly gives back to the swimming community. Feel free to come check them out in person at the Mason Municipal Aquatic Center!"- Head Coach Ken Heis, Mason Manta Rays

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